my heart & vision✦

here's where i'm coming from, babes.

As my family and I recently poured over my brother's wedding album, we laughed as we saw my grandpa dancing, teared up at my brother crying as his bride walked down the aisle, & sat in awe at the sight of the bride's mother crying as she first saw her daughter, who she had raised alone after her husband had died, putting on her wedding dress.

These are moments, moments that are true and meaningful and real; those are what I aim to capture. I am not about the posed photos- if that's the girl you're looking for, that is not me. and that's okay! I want you to have YOUR best day. In a couple of years, after the flowers have wilted + your dress is being preserved- the only thing that you will be able to draw memories from are the photographs.

My heart for my photographs is that they will be ones that make your heartbeat + soul soar- that they will bring back the memories, the smells, the laughter, and tears. And most of all; that they would reflect YOU. your true love story told in timeless photographs. that they would tell your own, handcrafted, genuine, real fairy tale.


people talk...

but this time it's in a really good way, and i'm ABOUT IT.

"We LOVED working with Rachel! She made us feel very comfortable and made the whole process a smooth one. I love her style. We got the pictures back very quickly. I will definitely be using her again in the future!"