the experience✦

let's hang and become bffs- and also photograph allll the things.

So let's start here- we are officially friends. OFFICIALLY. which means I WILL ask you about the enneagram and compliment you when you are looking GOOD. I'm not about the silent, awkward, stiff posing, where the only sound is the clicking from my camera- uh hello NOOOOPE. I want to become BFFs and know all. the. things. genuinely! I'm ABOUT listening to how you met and fell in love. I love listening to what his family is like and what stresses you out about the wedding. I adore hearing the things you love about him and what you're excited for in marriage. I love hearing each and every part of you guys' story. it blows me away each time I get to sit down and hang with my couples- it reminds me of the beauty in each person and the uniqueness in everyone's story.

cause here's the deal- by the time I come in, you two have been working on this relationship for quite some time. so i get to listen to and witness the depth of that love and capture it through photographs. and I am ABOUT IT.

so here's what our session looks like- it's you two in a beautiful or memorable place with me third-wheeling, in the best way possible. I'll probably play some of your fave music (vance joy + john mayer are some of mine), we'll laugh and hang, and there will be noooo awkward silences or uncomfortability. there'll be SO MUCH talking and alllll the storytelling- and of course, all the photographing. 

all YOU need is to show up as you are- wildly in love and ready to do this thing.



this is for my engagement queens, anniversaries, and just cause i'm feelin myself and it's been a hot second since we've taken some good photographs. YES X10000. we'll find a stellar location, i'll turn on some ben rector, and we'll grab some photographs of the two of you being head over heels in love. the rest, as they say, is history.

oh so you got that RING HONEY. and it's your day! i'm here to be a mix of an additional bridesmaid + your cruise ship director + your therapist. my main goal is to put you at ease so you can soak in all the details and best moments. timeline help, bridesmaid drama, mimosa maker, bobby pin holder- whatever you need, i'm there. YOU sit back and soak in the fact that you are marrying your best friend! weep weep weep.



ohhhh my heart. elopements are something whimsical and filled with wonder and beauty and awe. whether you're hiking to the top of a mountain in colorado or you're in a castle off the coast of ireland- this is truly a day for you and your person. you get to share the handwritten vows, you wipe away the tears, and explore a beautiful location together. and after that, we get to take some EPIC photos with zero pressure from family or timelines or societal pressure (#butreally). the best of the best of the best.

probably my favorite of the bunch. man, what an incredible creation intimate weddings have been. these are filled with the people who have raised you, who have prayed over your relationship, and have had you guys over for dinner. as you walk down the aisle, everyone in the audience is crying- because they love you, and truly, truly care. your people, your tribe, your family. this can be a backyard wedding or your core group of humans in a cool venue- i'm here to capture all the small details + memories, and to hug your neck after you say i do. so sweet and magical and good.

PRICING: $450 per hour

PRICING:  6 hours : $2,500 | 8 hours: $3,000

minimum of 3 hours
PRICING: 3 hours: $1,500 | 4 hours: $1,900
 5 hours: $2,300

PRICING: 4 hours: $1,900 | 5 hours: $2,300



feeling like we're about become the new monica and rachel- and maybe soon exchange ALL the GIFs possible?!

LESSSSGO. here's what you do- once you've decided what you're down for, head on over to my booking page, and i'll shoot you an email in 1-2 days. probably fangirling your ideas and plans for your wedding and PROBABLY writing in all caps for part of the email. (welcome to my circle). you'll get my long af pricing guide with ALL the details and dreams and fun; in the words of the goddess taylor swift - are you ready for it?!

thinking about a shoot that you don't see listed?! shooooot girl, slide into those dms- let's GO.


people talk...

but this time it's in a really good way, and i'm ABOUT IT.

"Getting pictures taken with Rachel was such an encouraging and joyful experience. Her warmth and interest in my husband’s and my story put us at ease, and shows in the authenticity of the photographs she took of us. She knew exactly what she was doing, directing us effortlessly, and even setting the mood with beautiful music at each of our outdoor locations! The photographs were truly stunning - both epic, and real. Thank you, Rachel!!!"